Marti's Dance Studio 2015-2016 Registration 

Please print this form and include registration fee of $35.00 per student

We do not have a pre-determined schedule prior to registration. Marti places all students in appropriate classes. Please indicate any scheduling considerations, such as days or times that are not convenient and any teacher preference. Please use the reverse side for comments. Dancers new to the school should indicate previous dance experience, if any. We would also appreciate any comments you have about the school, especially how we can ensure that all dancers enjoy their experience.

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Student(s) Name(s)




School Grade/ School Hours








Classes: select classes for each student

Tiny Toes Tap/Ballet (age 3-5)                           45 min.




Tiny Toes Kindergarten Hip Hop (age 5-6)      45 min.




Tiny Toes Boys Hip Hop (age 5-6)                     45 min.




Tap                                                                           1 hr.




Irish Dance                                                             1 hr.




Jazz                                                                           1 hr.




Contemporary  (Advanced Students Only)       90 min.




Tap & Jazz combination (1,2,3 grades)             1 hr.




Hip-Hop (girls)                                                        1 hr.




Lyrical/Contemporary (Dance experience req'd) 1 hr.




Technic                                                                     1 hr.




Ballet/Contemporary (age 6, 7, and 8)               1 hr.




Ballet                                                                         1 hr.




Boys Hip/Hop & Martial Arts                                 1 hr.




Come Dance With Me (18 mos. -  2 yrs)             1 hr.




Musical Theatre                                                        1 hr.


Adults Zumba, Pilates & Kick boxing class e-mail Marti for schedule. No registration fee for adult classes.   1 hr.




Martial Arts for children and adults. E-mail Marti




For Tiny Toes, please indicate which days your child attends school and what time of day school is finished.

Students who want to be on an advanced level in the coming years should consider enrolling in Bailey's summer classes, and also should consider taking a ballet or lyrical class each week in the fall. High School students are placed by level of dance.. I have a discussion with every student’s teacher before I place the student.

The requirements for performing with the competition teams will be announced the first of August. 

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