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Important Dates for the 2017-2018 Season

August 1 - Class Notice Mailed to You
August 21 - Classes Begin
September 1 - August Payment Due
September 1 - Sept. Payment Due

November 15 - Costume Deposit Due
January 1 - Quarterly Payment Due

February 1 - Final Costume Payment Due
April 1 - Quarterly Payment Due
June 13 - 15 - Show Rehearsals
June 16 - Annual Show

We do not have a pre-determined schedule prior to registration. Marti places all students in appropriate classes. When we form the classes, we do our best to place students based on their dance experience (if any) and to accommodate their other activities when possible. See our registration form for complete details. All classes meet one hour per week, except on holidays, unless otherwise indicated. We offer the following classes:

• Tap
• Jazz
• Ballet
• Technic

• Hip-Hop
• Boys Hip-Hop

• Adult Tap Class

• Lyrical/Contemporary
• Tiny Toes Tap/Ballet (ages 3-5)
• Tiny Toes Kindergarten Hip Hop (age 5)

Welcome From Marti

Thanks to all of you for making our 2017 shows a huge success! All of the dance students did a terrific job, I hope all of the students and parents enjoyed the shows.

The registration forms do not have a predetermined class schedule for the year. Unlike many Dance Studios, I personally place all of our students in their classes. When developing the classes, we do our best to place a student based on their dance experience, and also to accommodate the student’s other activities as much as possible. I meet with all of the instructors about placement of each student. Please indicate on the back of the registration form any scheduling considerations your student may have. You will receive a notice of the day and times of the classes, before the first of August. If the assigned day and time does not work, please e-mail me. Please print clearly your e-mail address on the registration form.

I send notices every two months with information on what is occurring at the studios. Please use my e-mail address as much as possible.

Providing a Variety of Dance Classes, both traditional and contemporary, since 1973.

Whatever your child’s dance interests may be, Marti’s Dance Studio has a class to meet their needs. Out Los Altos, California studios offer classes for girls, boys, and even Moms.

Registration Fee

Please submit the registration fee of $40.00 per student with your registration form.

Annual Tuition

We added ½ month class session in August. Annual tuition fees are based on classes meeting weekly for ten months, excluding school holidays. Tuition is discounted based on the total number of classes taken by all the students in a family. Classes that run for 90 minutes are charged an additional $300 for the year. Jennifer’s ballet class will be one hour and 15 minutes so there will be an addition of $150.00 for the year.

Tuition is payable quarterly, for one or two classes, as shown below. 
Tuition is payable monthly, for families registering for more than two classes.  
You may pay in advance for the whole year, or every six months, or every two months.

Late Fees

Tuition past due over 30 days student cannot continue classes.
Payments received after the first of the month due will be charged a $10 late fee.
All Monthly payments must be paid by the 15th of each month.

Annual Show

There is no show fee for students who choose to participate in the annual show. It is important for our students to have an enjoyable time during the rehearsals and shows. This is why we rent the theatre for four days.

Tickets for the show may be purchased in advance, starting June 1, or at the door on the day of the show.
Tickets are not included in the tuition fees and are payable separately.

Costumes are billed separately for students who choose to participate in the show.