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Our Annual Dance Show is June 17, 2017
at Smithwick Theatre, Foothill College, Los Altos

Marti's Dance Studio puts on a wonderful annual dance show for you and your family to enjoy.
Friends, family members, and any dance enthusiasts will love our student performances.

Annual Show
June 17, 2017

There is no show fee for students who choose to participate in the annual show. It is important for our students to have an enjoyable time during the rehearsals and shows. This is why we rent the theatre for four days. We do have to charge for tickets show tickets. Tickets for the show are $20.00 (children 5 and under are free) and may be purchased in advance, starting June 1, or at the door on the day of the show. Tickets are not included in the tuition fees and are payable separately. Students must purchase their costumes for the show and attend all rehearsals to participate. Costumes are billed separately for students who choose to participate in the show.

2017 Dance Show Schedule

Tiny Toes at 11:30 am | Show Two at 4:00 pm | Show Three at 7:30 pm

We at Marti's Dance Studio believe that the annual dance show is a very fulfilling experience for the students. Not only does it give them the opportunity to perform for their family and friends, but it also reaffirms important life skills such as personal responsibility and cooperating with a group. We understand that some students may have other obligations or may not choose to participate, and so we keep the costs associated with the show separate from tuition fees. Ticket sales cover the costs of staging the event and are not included in the tuition fees. I am hopeful we can have the same schedule for the rehearsals and shows in 2016. The theatre cannot inform me until March 2017 what the drama department class schedule is in order for us to set the rehearsal times. The times for the three shows will be announced later in the year. After signing up for the annual show, be sure to look into our 2017 summer classes as well.

Dance Show Rehearsals

Rehearsals will be scheduled during the week of June 14 - 16. These rehearsals are mandatory for students wanting to appear in the show. Students may be excused from rehearsals in the event of scheduled family vacations, family emergencies, and work schedule conflicts.


Please ask the teacher what size and color tights your daughter should wear for her number. It is not necessary to purchase new tights if your tights from last year are the right color. Tights will be available to purchase beginning in the first week of May, so please buy them early in case we run out of a particular size. The only store that sells this brand of tights is in San Jose. We will make one trip at the end of May if we run out of a particular size. After May, we will not have the time to go to San Jose, and you will have to purchase the tights yourself.


We do not charge a show fee, so we must sell tickets for all of the performances. The tickets will go on sale June 1, and there is no purchase limit. Children five years old and younger may attend for free. The ticket price for each show is $20.00. There is no reserved seating. It is not necessary for parents to attend all shows that your child performs in, but if you do attend, you will be required to purchase tickets for the shows you attend.

Seating Arrangements

We won't allow any saving of rows of seats at the performances. A security person will be available to help the audience with the seating process.

Order Forms

Picture, flower, DVD, and ticket forms will be distributed during the first week of May in your child's class.