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Our Annual Dance Show is June 22, 2019

Please mark your calendars!

Foothill Theatre, Foothill College, Los Altos, CA

Class Performance Date & Time
Tiny Toes T/T Show Saturday, June 22, TBD
Young Students Show Show 2 Saturday, June 22, TBD
Older Students Show Show 3 Saturday, June 22, TBD

Preliminary Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals are scheduled for June 19-21.

Rehearsal attendance: All students must attend the rehearsals and the shows. Scheduled family vacations, family emergencies and work schedule conflicts, are activities that will excuse students from rehearsals.

I am hopeful we can have the same schedule as 2018 for the rehearsals and shows for 2019 The theatre cannot inform me until March, 2019 that the drama department class schedule is in order for us to set the rehearsal times. The times for the three shows will be announced later in the year.

The First of April you will receive a statement that will have the information for the Picture day and time, Rehearsals day and time, run thru day and time and the show your child will perform in. I suggest you post this notice in your child’s room so that you can follow the times and days.


Monthly Payments: All payments are due the first lesson of the month and no later by the 10th of every month. There will be a $10.00 late fee for late monthly payments.

Quarterly Payments: Quarterly bills for the January 1st payment will be mailed the first of December. Quarterly bill for the April 1st payment will be mailed the first of March.  All payments received after these due dates will have a $10.00 late fee added to the balance of your account. If you receive a late bill and you made the payment, please e-mail me

Costume Information

The table below is the costume price per class not including sales tax. I do try to keep the cost of the costumes as low as possible. The older advanced classes do sometime exceed these amounts. For the Hip/Hop classes we try to buy items that can be worn after the performances.

Costume Deposit per class
(does not include sales tax)
Tiny Toes
$ 75.00
Young Students Show
Evening Shows

If I do not receive your deposit by November 15th, I will assume you do not want your child to perform in the show. No costume will be ordered without a deposit. The remaining balance for your costumes will be due February 1st. Please make the costume checks payable to Dance Boutique and state on the check "costume deposit"; please do not include with dance tuition. Your deposit will be refunded if your child drops the class before December 15th. If you forget to make the deposit on the due date and you still want a costume, I will place another order on January 10, 2019. There will be a $10.00 service charge.

Last year I took orders from e-mails and then people changed their minds and I could not cancel the costume. Deposit must be paid before the due date to order a costume.